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Lifeline Coordinating Services, Inc.
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A Guldmann Distributor
LCSI offers lift/transfer products which are uniquely designed to provide safety for
care receivers and caregivers.

Our Guldmann™ ceiling mounted hoist systems consist of lifting units, rail components as well as a complete assortment of lifting slings and accessories.

Using these components and parts, we are able to design a ceiling mounted system which can be adapted to both individual requirements and the existing environment.

The systems are available as small free-standing, self-sustaining and removable units or as wall or ceiling mounted systems.

GH2 HD Twin
Heavy duty ceiling hoist with lifting capacity up to 455 kg (1000 lbs.). This extra strong lifting unit features 2 lifting straps to use with cross lifting hanger or horizontal lifter. Designed for permanent installation.
Celing Hoist
Ceiling Hoist
Celing Hoist
Celing Hoist
Heavy duty ceiling hoist. The drive motor is permanently mounted (cannot be retro-fitted).
Max lifting capacity 550 lbs.
Flexible ceiling hoist that can be moved from one rail system to another.
Max lifting capacity 440 lbs / 550 lbs.
Ceiling hoist. Userfriendly and powerful ceiling hoist designed for permanent installation.
Max lifting capacity 200 kg.

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