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Disposable Slings
ABC Slings

Guldmann ABC slings come in three categories

Active - Lifting slings that require active participation of carer and user.

Basic - Lifting slings suitable for most persons.

Custom - Lifting slings to match special needs.
Lifting Slings

Specially designed slings make it easy, practical

and quick for the caregiver to lift the user with a

minimum of effort and strain.
Disposable Slings

Single use slings to ensure the best possible hygiene.
Guldmann Slings
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Slings and lifting accessories are a key part of our extensive range of equipment for lifting, moving and positioning people.
Specially designed slings make it easy, practical and quick for the caregiver to support the user while being lifted and moved from one point to another, as well as ensuring that the caregiver can undertake such operations with a minimum of effort and strain.
All of our slings are designed for use with hoist systems, and are ideal for moving people to and from beds as well as from wheelchairs in both sitting and reclined positions.
•Infection Control/
  Patient Specific
•1000 LB Capacity
•Designed by Occupational
  Therapists and Nurses for
  function and comfort
Many Styles 
-Gait Training/Rehab
-Limb Lifter
Special Guldmann™ sling designs can lift and move users with:
different abilities to participate actively
different degrees of body control and muscular strength
different degrees of mobility
single and double amputations
special needs
For both adults and children of many different sizes and weights, they can also be used as integral parts of training and activity programs.
Our slings are easily washable, and disposable patient slings are available to help ensure the best possible hygiene.

In addition to slings, LCSI provides a wide range of specially designed lifting accessories to assist both the user and caregiver greater mobility coupled with less effort.